Introductory simple exercise I

by JOHN RYDER, Ph.D. Copyright 1996

Introduction: It is normal for the body to feel some tension and for the mind to be preoccupied with rushing thoughts. It is also natural and easy for anyone to learn how to relax. First you must become aware of your body, then learn to slow it down and finally turn it off. The following steps described here will help you do so. The state of your body is influenced by the autonomic nervous system. Controlling your breathing is the best and most direct way to affect the autonomic system which can then help you relax very deeply. The process of relaxation is based on ending all the tension in your body, forgetting about your environment, letting your mind rest and focusing your attention on something pleasant. You must learn to put yourself on "auto-pilot" so that you can "Let Go" of everything become completely relaxed and then you can take a journey to a magical place which will revitalize and energize you.

Note: You may want to record the following passages on a tape so that you can play it back for yourself later. This can be very helpful for some people. To do this, read very slowly in short phrases and pause often so that one can adjust to the feelings and experience the changes in tension until complete relaxation results. You may record this exercise for your personal use for free and listen to it as often as you like except while driving or doing anything that requires active attention. However, you may not reproduce or sell this exercise to anyone with out obtaining written permission from the holder of the copyright.

How to Start:

1. Prepare your environment, turn off the phone, turn down the lights and maybe play some quiet music that you find very soothing.2. Sit down in a very comfortable position, feel support under your entire body. When you are ready allow your eyes to gently close and let yourself begin to relax. Try to follow the same routine each time.

Now Begin to Relax:

3. Take a few very deep breaths using your lower abdomen to gently pull the air in and then slowly, very slowly let it out. Do a full air exchange; on the next deep breath fill your lungs completely and then empty them totally making sure you exhale every last bit of air and then take another deep breath. Remember to breath slowly, fully, deeply and easily without straining yourself. With each breath you inhale, be aware that you are breathing in new revitalizing energy filling yourself with this fresh oxygen and then with each exhalation you are removing all the waste, letting out all the stress, fatigue, tension and problems.4. Prepare yourself to relax and let go of everything completely. Take a few more deep, slow, -breaths and let out each one twice as slowly as you breathed in. With your eyes closed, on the next deep breath fill your lungs to the very top full of air and then hold it in for just a moment. Feel the pressure building up, holding all that air, feel the tension and then say to yourself "Now I can let go" and release the air and tension, feel yourself begin to relax sinking into the seat. Continue to breath deeply, slowly and keep letting go of everything, don't hold anything back just LET GO of it all! You do not need to try to do something rather, just let it happen naturally. You will begin to drift off and return to your most relaxed state of body and mind.

5. With each breath you will feel your body relax more and more completely and deeply. Once you begin to let go, the process will flow smoothly and naturally to help you unwind, release all the tension, forget about all the stress, problems and simply totally relax. Remember that with each breath you are bringing new energy into your body and removing all the old unwanted waste and troubles out of your body. Take another deep full breath and feel a wave of relaxation flow over your entire body from your head down every part of your body to tips of your fingers and toes. The deeper you relax the better you will feel. Take your time...continue to unwind... 6. Now once you have relaxed very deeply and completely you will be able to take a wonderful journey in your imagination to a very special place where you feel totally safe, peaceful, relaxed and in control. Go to this beautiful place in your mind and rest while you recharge yourself... This special place is magical and filled with good energy which cleanses, revitalizes and energizes your heart, mind, body and spirit... During this journey your inner mind, your inner wisdom will know exactly what to do to help repair and regenerate your body, remove all the troubling thoughts, inspire your heart and spirit so that when you return you will feel absolutely wonderful and refreshed ready for action and anything you try to do will go exceptionally well for you.... (long pause, 1 to 5 minutes)

7. Once you have completed your journey and are ready to return, do so slowly, take your time coming back... As you begin returning, feel your body waking up slowly... Take a few more deeper breaths and feel the energy flowing throughout your body... Feel yourself coming up more and more, refreshed, rejuvenated, revitalized, energized and ready for success... Slowly open your eyes and reflect on your amazing journey, think about what you want to do next and get up and have a great and successful day!


What is reincarnation and past life therapy?

We live in a world filled with evidence of cycles, patterns which repeat. The scientist have proven that energy and matter can not be destroyed but are transformed from one state to another. Could this concept also apply to our existence, proving that we are immortal and that upon death we continue to live? Many people believe that there is life after death, do you? In fact, there are now countless accounts of individuals who have actually had near death experiences which support the notion that life continues beyond "bodily death". There have also been many documented stories by individuals who have recalled memories from not their current lifetime yet these experiences appear very real to them and often include details of a "past life" that can sometime even be verified as being historically true. This evidence supports the concept that a part of us also cycles and repeats.

One purpose of life is to discover and understand our true and complete nature; who are we and why are we here. Learning to answer those questions often takes a lifetime or perhaps many lifetimes until one gets the whole story. The spirit or soul represents the immortal part of each person which continues to live on when the body reaches its physical end. While most people may not be conscious of any previous lives they led, deep in their subconscious there may be many memories of their previous lifetimes. The concept of Past Lives refers to the cycle of the human spirit or soul that is reborn over and over through time giving the individual more, new opportunities to explore this world and the magic of life till they realize the complete truth about our universe and spirit. This is reincarnation, the cycle of the soul from one lifetime to the next. There are many theories explaining this process but, in general, the same spirit returns as different individuals across time in order to learn more about life.

While most people are not aware of their past lives, many can explore them through special techniques. When a person relaxes very deeply and empties their mind of all the normal activity, they become more sensitive and receptive to what I call remote memories - those deeply buried in one's subconscious. The therapist helps a person relax and then performs a regression that simply focuses on the past and opens the passage to memories in one's sub-conscious mind. Each individual's own subconscious directs them naturally to those memories which are important for them to explore. The integration of these remote memories, either from the person's present life, or from previous lifetimes, provides the basis for Regression Therapy. Most often people are amazed by their experience and quickly incorporate it into their life. The therapist guides this process and helps maximize the benefits that this therapy provides.

I am a licensed psychologist with over eighteen years of experience in psychotherapy and hypnosis. I believe the use of regression therapy to explore one's past is a very powerful technique that can produce amazing results to help resolve physical or emotional problems.

To provide you with a deeper understanding of this approach I have quoted the writing of Dr. Brian Weiss, the renown psychiatrist popularizing past life therapy. I have been personally trained by Dr. Weiss and others in these techniques and have extensive experience in their use. Dr. Weiss wrote several books about this subject. Below are a few excerpts I selected from his recent book Through Time Into Healing.

"The subconscious is not limited by our imposed boundaries of logic, space and time. It can remember everything, from any time. It can transmit creative solutions to our problems. It can transcend the ordinary to touch upon a wisdom far beyond our everyday capabilities. Hypnosis accesses the wisdom of the subconscious in a focused way in order to achieve healing. We are in hypnosis whenever the usual relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind is reconfigured so that the subconscious plays a more dominant role. "

"Regression therapy is the mental act of going back to an earlier time, whenever that time may be, in order to retrieve memories that may still be negatively influencing a patient's present life and probably the source of the patient's symptoms."

"In my experience I have found that past life regression under hypnosis can be an important part of the treatment, amelioration, and even the cure of certain chronic symptoms and illnesses, especially those affected by the functioning of the immune system and those that have a psychosomatic component. ...It also resolves deep, underlying emotional issues as the relationship of the emotions to the physical discomfort and its past life source is revealed."

"It is through relationships that we learn to express and receive love, to forgive, to help, and to serve. From the experiences that some of my patients have in the 'between life' state, I have come to believe that we actually pick our families for each lifetime before birth. We choose to live out the patterns that will afford us the most growth with the souls that will most effectively manifest these situations in our lives. Very often, these are souls we have met and interacted with in many ways in other lifetimes."

"The core healing mechanism of past life regression therapy is the transmutation of fear into love. This is

Finding Your Soul Mate

By Dr. John Ryder Copyright 1996

Everyone has met a person with whom they instantly develop a good rapport. Something "clicks" and you feel as if you have known each other for many years. If we are able to appreciate this special connection, a close friendship grows quickly. Just how are we suppose to recognize such a unique relationship? I believe that we can all develop the skills and awareness to find those people. Imagine how you will feel when you meet that special person with whom there is instantly an intense attraction and connection that makes you both think that you have known each other for a lifetime (or perhaps many).

When you discover that magical power of love you become filled with energy and happiness. Everything about the relationship is special, even the conflicts quickly heal and inspire ever greater dreams and goals. The partnership is mutually fulfilling, surprising, fun and very natural. Everybody who meets the two of you realizes that you really "fit" together, you were meant for each other. You begin to represent the archetype of love. There seems to be a secret about you two that could explain the amazing depth, permanence, and magic of the relationship. The secret is you are "soulmates"!

A soulmate is another being with whom you share an important destiny that affects you in many ways and tends to last a lifetime. There are many different types of soulmates. They can be members of your family, people you work or study with, and best of all they can be lovers with whom you create a new family. Soulmates come from two dimensions, the present or the transcendental; that is they are either primary soulmates or reincarnated ones respectively. Each bring a extraordinary blessing and opportunity to the couple. The relationship need not be sexual, however, if it becomes passionately intimate one would expect it to be tremendously fulfilling.

How does one recognize a soulmate? Leave it up to the soul. What is the soul? The soul is your eternal presence in the universe, it stretches from the deepest inner core of your being to the farthest extent of your aura. It is more than the sum of all your parts. The soul is your spiritual counterpart to your physical existence, it is the container for your body to live in. Your soul stimulates your passions, desires and cravings to experience life. It is the soul's nature to awaken the body's hunger to breathe, laugh, love, to live. It is also responsible for the suffering we feel in our hearts, the loneliness, grief, all forms of psychic pain. While the soul seeks excitement, thrills and intense contact with life it also motivates each of us to search for inner peace, harmony, tranquility and spiritual atonement. The soul is our spiritual bridge to connect with other people, places, events and other souls especially the infinite cosmic soul of who we refer to as God. Although the soul is shrouded in mystery, it remains as apparent as each unique individual that stands before us. There is nothing hidden about a person's soul, it is what you see, feel, hear, and get to intimately know about that individual. Yet the depth of the soul, the timeless, eternalness of the soul makes it impossible to know it to the end, there will always be deeper levels of the soul that we discover only in another dimension. These other dimensions are accessed through our psychic abilities, our intuitive mind which enables us to be conscious of things not perceived by our senses. On those levels people become aware of various aspects of spiritual existence such as: auras, meridians of energy, souls of spiritual beings and past incarnations. These are abilities that we all can develop if we were to pursue them. We are all entitled to discover a soulmate in this lifetime. Depending on what our needs are and what level of consciousness we are living on, there are many souls waiting to meet us and travel together along the same path of destiny for some time. In each lifetime we will meet many individuals with whom we could develop an extremely close relationship. These people could be considered "present soulmates" since your relationship is beginning for the first time but, that does not in any way limit the depth or intensity of such a connection. This type of soulmate has all the special qualities to help you through your journey in life. Whether there are many conflicts or none, lots of joy or lots of pain, your soulmate came to you to give you the opportunity to experience those lessons in life to help you ascend the ladder of consciousness and spirituality. That is not to say that every relationship we engage in is a potential soulmate, many people get involved with wrong person for the wrong reasons, yet it may be very hard to separate from that person anyway.

Again, relative to where we are in our evolution as a spiritual being, we may be given the opportunity to meet someone with whom we shared experiences in other lifetimes. This would be a "reincarnated soulmate" since we know them from beyond this present life. That means that you met this individual and had very important experiences in at least one past life or perhaps many. In these relationships there is an even greater affinity, attraction, understanding and need to be together at any cost. While soulmates on this level have extraordinary compatibility, passionate love and deep belief in the permanence of their relationship, it does not mean that they never have conflicts or problems. In each lifetime we are given the opportunity to experience those feelings, events or images that can propel us further along our path if we make the "right" choices. Of course we can also get lost, failing to move forward. In those rare instances where both souls have already achieved very expanded consciousness of their world, they are able to pay particular attention to their individual and united lives in order to accelerate their spiritual evolution in service to the ultimate cosmic plan.

So what are the criteria for us to identify a true soulmate of one sort or another?

For those people who have awoken their inner desire to search for their own soulmate, here is a simple list of things to do to move in the right direction. Each of us is here, in part, to become more aware of what life is about and learn more about ourselves; every effort we make to achieve these goals helps us find a soulmate. In actuality, there appears to be many potential soulmates for us to find however, we can only meet a limited number. The most obvious part is that those individuals are waiting to meet you too. The desire inside some people to find that ultimate love is a healthy motivation to search for a soulmate. What one needs to do is become more aware of the image of your soulmate, that perfect partner you desire and to fine tune your intuition to pick up on their vibrations. We all have an internal radar system which we call our intuition. It works like a real radar that sweeps across the sky and beeps whenever it senses a plane approaching except that our internal radar can be programmed to search for very specific vibrations from nice people. Many people seem to have their radar set to pick up the wrong individuals. It is simple to program your system to signal you whenever you are near the type of individual you really want to meet. Then if your radar starts beeping intensely, take notice, look around yourself, if you see a person with good vibes, smile at them and say "hi" or acknowledge them in some way. This opens the door to the possibility of meeting the right person.

The way to program your internal radar is simple. Begin by creating a list of all the things you want the most in your partner, the physical, social, emotional, all the different aspects. Then add to this list all the special things you either loved or hated about your previous relationships, recall all the various characteristics that you can. You should then construct a long list of observable characteristics and read through it once every morning before leaving your home. Pay attention to your inner radar when it starts beeping, be aware you might be in the vicinity of your soulmate! Then learn to listen carefully. Since it is easy to confuse ourselves about relationships I have devised a system by which one can begin to access the information about a relationship a little more objectively and effectively. Please refer to the Lovestar which offers a means to quantify and qualify a relationship.

This is the lovestar. It was created to help people discover the full meaning of love and reach the ultimate potentials in their relationship. Whether you are in one already, or you are looking to start a relationship this is the key to your happiness. This is the five pointed star because there are only five principle aspects that you must study and learn to use. Each arm of the star represents a specific direction in which love must be able to travel in order to grow and become all that it can be. Each aspect describes gifts that we as people have and use in communicating with others. Follow this simple system and you will have the magic formula for success and happiness.


Successful relationships are based on a number of gifts that people have or can develop. If it is important to you to have a really great, special relationship that is beautiful, fulfilling, inspiring, gratifying, even legendary and magical then both individuals must start with something special and continue to work at maintaining and building it ever higher. In my years of experience counseling people I have found a set of the most important qualities or gifts that are absolutely essential for any great relationship. This knowledge is what I want to share with you. I have designed this STAR of LOVE as your guide to discover and better use your gifts to create that special partnership. With this information everyone will better understand what love means and what one has to do to reach the highest potential love can offer.

My system is based on increasing both individual's conscious awareness of a group of special qualities that are essential to any good relationship and determining if the two of you fit. These are gifts that people have and use in their contact with others. They may be full and robust, beaming with energy or they may only be shadowy traces hard to notice. Most people have these qualities but, may not be aware of them or know how to use them. I provide you with a simple program to follow which will describe all these qualities and help you decide if they exist in your relationship and if not how to help them develop. You will be asked to make judgements whether these qualities are present or absent, they do not require a score or grade but, rather a simple "yes" or "no" because it is ultimately a question of either pass or fail. Soon, you will begin to understand much more about what you have, what is missing and what remains to be gained from your potentials.

The primary concept in this system is that every good relationship is a PARTNERSHIP that is created by two people in search of common goals. Being partners in life is an extremely important aspect to a relationship because it indicates if either of the individuals gain something both benefit and if one gets hurt so does the other. This represents a mutual dependency on one another, if it is a healthy relationship this dependency promotes greater protection and success. Being a good partner is not an easy task even for people who are in love, however, this system will explore what makes for a great partnership and will show you how to achieve that status.

Any two people can have a relationship. Sometimes two people meet in this world and have a feeling that their union is very, very special, destined, sacred, unique, magical and blessed. They often get married and go on with life, soon to forget what made their union so special at first. This is then followed by feelings of unfulfillment, arguments arise out of nowhere, dissatisfaction disrupts the passing of each day and people become anxious, depressed and frustrated. Where has the love gone???

True love never dies, never wilts, never vanishes. True love is discovered between two people in moments of joy, pain, challenges and triumph. This wonderful feeling can be nurtured to continue to grow larger, stronger, more beautiful, more resilient to problems and to reach legendary proportions. This does not happen without some effort; rather it usually requires a tremendous effort from both individuals. When love is discovered it must be cherished, respected and nurtured like a small seedling. If one cares for this little plant, watering it, transplanting it to larger pots as it grows then one day it will blossom with beautiful flowers and bare its fruit for you; such is love.

People should recognize the need and importance of communicating correctly and truthfully to one another. The following describe the lovestar, all the qualities are essentially ways in which we communicate or relate to each other. If these gifts of expression are understood by each person and both use them, then they are truly approaching the realization of that great loving relationship so many people dream about yet, so few enjoy. Especially if you are not sure about the relationship you are in currently, this approach will help you decide whether it has enough potential or perhaps it is better to abandon it and try with someone else instead. These are the most serious questions we can possibly ask ourselves. Learn as much as you can about love because everything you know and apply in daily life will bring you closer to the greatest love imaginable.

I designed the LOVESTAR as an image for people to follow in their exploration of what are those special qualities that make fantastic, loving relationships possible. With countless

My description of LOVE as a STAR was chosen because it first represents to me our shining sun which gives us light to see all the beauty around us, produces heat to keep us warm and comfortable and without which life itself would not be possible on earth. When I think of stars I reflect on the infinite sparkling beacons that appear in the night's sky across the entire universe. They remind me how universal and cosmic love is, how unlimited is its presence and variety. We can not easily understand how enormous our world is, how diversified it is or how it all seems to work in some cosmic harmony but, we can be amazed by our simple perception and knowledge of our universe. That is why I selected the STAR to represent the essential elements within the galaxy of LOVE. Each arm of the star describes an independent way of being with someone. The titles of each arm reflect different modes of this being with the other person. They are directions in which we can chose to go or not go. Every decision we make in life is an important one but, some become more crucial then others. The following offers you a simple system by which to increase your awareness and improve your judgment of your life and love.

The STAR of LOVE is like a map of the land of love. It provides you with the directions by which you can identify your personal goals and those of your partnership. The map displays all the important destinations that a relationship must reach to be healthy and happy. This program will work well for you as it has for many others regardless of which religion you follow, whether you are a man or a woman and it is not limited to marriages. Any relationship that is close can benefit by this system.

Look at the STAR and consider that it could also be a diagram of a person with two arms, two legs and a head. It is a very "human" map sensitive to what makes us happy or sad, proud or embarrassed, thrilled or bored, content or frustrated, satisfied or disappointed and so on. You will discover many things that are obvious while other things may be buried deep within the more subtle meanings. To further illustrate this system I have written the essential points in large print but often the fine print holds most of the important secrets that can make the star work for you. As you study each arm of the star, take your time and think about the relationship you are in and weigh each question or issue and decide do you share this with your partner or is it missing. It is important not to get stuck answering these questions. Read the information and then go to the questions and answer them truthfully with your initial intuitive response. Do not assign a grade to the answer because in regards to love it is not a "something" that can be quantified. Love will always remain somewhat intangible so that what you want is to qualitatively say that, in your opinion, these aspects are either there and they fit or that they are not there or you just do not fit. In my opinion, it is necessary that each aspect is satisfied for both partners for the relationship to have long term potentials.


Take a copy of the LOVESTAR diagram and give one to your mate. Starting with the top go through each perspective carefully. You can do this together or separately. Read the description and then think about each issue to see if you and your partner have and satisfy each other's needs with respect to each question or if not, what in particular remains missing. So as you both go through the diagram you will better know what are your strengths and weaknesses, what each has to work on and what both can rely on more. All this will become more apparent when you proceed with this exercise.

The L O V E S T A R

Starting at the top, where the star points toward the sky. This I refer to as the SPIRITUAL direction which represents the gift of U N I T Y. This is where the mystical nature of love resides, it is where you will discover whether there is a real bond between the two of you or not. Unity means that something makes both people feel that they rather be together than apart, they both believe that when they are together they are like "one". Unity is used to describe what happens when people bond and experience the world differently; they are no longer just two individuals but, have become a unit, a pair, a couple. Now they look at the world differently and the world sees them differently as well. This is a social archetype, a religious one, and a legal one when two people get married. We become aware of this notion of being a couple from childhood, hopefully growing up in a "family" ourselves. The concepts of love, family, marriage, romance, happiness exist throughout every aspect of our society, in every culture, across every nation and around the world. The images that these words create are similar regardless where one looks. So why is it so hard to find and build a successful partnership of love and happiness? There are many reasons that make it truly difficult but, no one can claim that it is impossible.

Anyone can find UNITY, love and happiness. It would help if you would have a map of how

Brief Biography of John Ryder, Ph.D.

Dr. John RyderJohn Ryder is a licensed psychologist and hypnotherapist in private practice. He lives and works in the heart of New York City. He has dedicated his life to understanding the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit studying psychology, philosophy, science, medicine, art and nature. He began meditating at the age of 16 which started his exploration of the soul and consciousness. He obtained his doctorate in psychology from the City University of New York and was trained at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine where he served as an Assistant Professor. In addition to teaching, he conducted neurophysiological research on how the brain works and published more than a dozen articles. He has studied with many nationally renown individuals such as Brain Weiss, MD, Anthony Robbins, Harville Hendrix, PhD, John Grey, PhD, Roger Woolger, PhD, Swami Rama and others to bring his clients the newest techniques available. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Ryder has combined the latest knowledge of science with the ancient wisdom of the past. His approach focuses on guiding people toward greater awareness of the meaning and purpose of life while developing their will power, teaching them how to let go and relax. He often helps people explore their inner psyche, sometimes performing regressions to recall memories from childhood or even past life times, which can bring insight or healing. Based on his research and 20 years of experience, he recently recorded the first Audio Pill CD: Relax to the Max which is designed to help people achieve their ultimate goals quickly and easily. His concept of ultimate goals reflects his vision to help every person identify and achieve their own. Another project, he helped design was the UNITY logo for the 21st Century which was trade marked in 1997. This logo is part of a world wide campaign to promote peace and prosperity among all the people and protect the earth. He has given many lectures and workshops to various groups across the United States. Dr. Ryder is a member of the American Psychological Association, New York Academy of Science, the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis, National Guild of Hypnotists, American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts and founder of the Explorers Institute Inc. John Ryder has also been listed in the Who's Who of America 2000 as well as been named one of the Outstanding Individuals of the 20th Century (IBC).

Mission Statement

I am ready to help you overcome any obstacles and maximize your potentials. I believe we are all here to learn about life and ourselves. Our quest for fulfillment requires that we learn to heal pain, nourish the soul, to transform fear into love and develop self control. I teach people how to decrease stress and increase happiness. As a licensed psychologist I have the scientific training to give you practical tools to work with and after more than four decades of exploring our world I am prepared to guide you through this labyrinth more effectively to your goals.

My office can process your insurance forms for reimbursement, and we accept major credit cards to facilitate your investment in yourself. Come explore the power and mysteries of your mind, body and soul.

Dr. John Ryder

NEW Private office at: 109 East 36th Street Suite 4R (between Park & Lex)

Feel free to call the office to speak to Dr. Ryder to see if he can help you at

212 686 - 5758 or Contact Dr. Ryder by email


Dr. Ryder has recently returned from a three month journey around the world meeting with many interesting people including the Dalai Lama, swamis, gurus, yogis, monks, teachers, healers, doctors, and many other individuals who shared their time and energy with him. This was part of a sabatical (working vacation) to explore our world and learn more about it while collecting material to write about.

Please visit the Expedition Story and an album of pictures by clicking on the "2002 Expedition" button at the bottom of the menu on the left.

Explorers Institute Studies Copyright 1996

Who am I? What is the purpose of Life? How to find Peace, Happiness and Success in Life?

Learn about Metaphysics * Secrets of the Universe * The Laws of Evolution * Laws of Success * Laws of Spirituality * Learn about Reincarnation * Learn How To Create Your Own Energy Cell * Discover the Laws of Karma and how to gain Freedom. Explore the questions about life, the universe, attracting affluence, staying healthy in mind, body and soul, discovering the purpose of life, and many other vital aspects of living. The Explorers Institute follow the tradition of the original mystery schools like those begun in Egypt over five thousand years ago. The Institute is a school, not a religious sect and we do not advise people to abandon their religion or traditions, rather we encourage you become more aware of what they were originally all about. Most of the world's religions have hidden the truth about our spiritual nature from their followers for assorted reasons. This problem is what creates the tension between people of different religions. However, it is possible that if everyone understood the TRUE SPIRITUAL nature of man, everyone could live in peace naturally. Spreading this knowledge to people is one of our ULTIMATE GOALS. As people realize that most religions are more interested in their political influence than their spiritual one, they will shift from being religious to being spiritual. This trend is occurring all over the world. Everyday more people are discovering through their own personal experience what is the truth. If you have read this far you should be able to understand everything that follows. The knowledge and skills one needs to have are within reach of most people and it is one of our ULTIMATE GOALS to teach this information to help you expand your consciousness and explore your true spiritual nature.


We are conscious beings able to sense the world around us with more than just our five physical senses. Anyone who can imagine something in their head has already developed a sixth sense called "visualization" which is not like vision using our eyes. Whenever you experience a feeling that is different from the events going on around you, like an "gut reaction" that warns you about someone, it is the sense of "intuition" that you are having. Just like the other senses that "pick up" the various frequencies of vibration in our universe (i.e. ears: sound - 10 - 20,000 Hz; eyes: light - 350 - 750 nanometers) these "internal" senses are there to receive the other vibrations present around us. We can all develop the power and sensitivity of all our senses with specific exercises and practice.

Our consciousness is the connection we have between all of our senses and our spiritual aspect. How much one is aware of determines the progress that they can potentially make in this world. That is why expanding consciousness is such an important part of our lives. How strong one is can not be measured in the number of pounds that they can lift rather, it is reflected in their adaptability, flexibility, perseverance, patience, self control and inner calm. Those are the qualities that make people "strong" and not muscles. Those qualities can improve by expanding one's awareness and resolving their troubles by discovering the opportunities that exist within the challenges they face.

The reason people wonder about the world and try to understand why things are the way they are is because the it is in our nature to seek truth and have knowledge of events and forces around us. The universe is very well organized and ordered. Discovering the true nature of the universe gives us a tremendous amount of strength and control over our life. This information is available to us if we only try to become aware of it. Learn to meditate.

The ORPHIC is dedicated to promoting greater consciousness and self control in individuals who are prepared and eager to realize their fullest potentials. The time one devotes to seeking such wisdom comes back to them many fold in many various ways.

We are seeking philanthropists who recognize the potentials of our group of ultimate goals and would be interested in discussing making contributions to promote some of our work.

To be continued...

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